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Shimmy Mob Day - May 10, 2014!!

  Shimmy Mob, the largest flash mob event of its kind, is an annual world wide charity event that takes place to support local shelters providing assistance to women & children victims of domestic violence. This year dancers will be mobbing together in more than 200 cities around the world on the same day to give back to their local communities. We will be Shimmy Mobbing for an awesome organization with affiliates in 17 central Kentucky counties (including Boyle, Lincoln, Garrard, Madison, etc.). Previously known as the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program, Greenhouse 17 is a new name that better reflects their emphasis on gardening as a healing and sustainable therapy. If you would like to donate to this awesome organization on behalf of our Shimmy Mob team, please visit their Donate Page and list Shimmy Mob Team Danville in the comment section.

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Shimmy Mob 2013 Danville, Kentucky
Performed at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill on Saturday May 11, 2013 as part of the international charity event, Shimmy Mob, to raise awareness & donations for domestic violence shelters around the w...

Now Recruiting Volunteers & Sponsors

 On May 10th, Team Danville will be surprising locations in/around Danville and we need your help!! We are currently recruiting assistants, volunteers, donors, and sponsors; as well as seeking locations to dance. This exciting event wouldn't be possible without all of the 'behind the scenes' help from our amazing sponsors & volunteers. Our goal this year is to raise as much money & awareness as possible for our charity. If you would more information on becoming a volunteer, sponsor, or submitting tax deductible donations please contact us for more information. Sponsors will receive promotion on this website, as well as the Shimmy Mob international website.

Visit for info or the Shimmy Mob 2014 Team Danville page to keep up to date with your local events and 'Let The Movement Begin!!!'

Regarding Class Schedule
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been unable to return to Danville to resume full time classes yet. At this time, belly dance opportunities are limited to Shimmy Mob involvement. Its a lot of fun & a great way to get started by learning a fun routine & giving back to your community. I am really looking forward to finally being able to return to Danville & a regular dance class schedule. Please check back for updates, or "Like" our page on Facebook for more information on upcoming classes! Thank you for your interest!

Check Out Our Performance Videos!
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Belly Dance Danville Veil
Song is Belly Dance by Edvin Marton. Choreographed by & property of Heather P. Green. Performance: Danville Dance Alliance Premiere Showcase, Sunday January 20th, 2013 at the Community Arts Center. Da...

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